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Blind source separation and directional audio synthesis for binaural auralization of multiple sound sources using microphone array recordings

Microphone array signal processing techniques are extensively used for sound source localisation, acoustical characterisation and sound source separation, which are related to audio analysis. However, the use of microphone arrays for auralisation, which is generally related to synthesis, has been limited so far. This paper proposes a method for binaural auralisation of multiple sound sources based on blind source separation (BSS) and binaural audio synthesis. A BSS algorithm is introduced that exploits the intensity vector directions in order to generate directional signals. The directional signals are then used in the synthesis of binaural recordings using head related transfer functions. The synthesised recordings subsume the indirect information about the auditory environment conveying the source positions and the acoustics similar to dummy head recordings. Test recordings were made with a compact microphone array in two different indoor environments. Original and synthesized binaural recordings were compared by informal listening tests.