All SiC Grid-Connected PV Supply with HF Link MPPT Converter: System Design Methodology and Development of a 20 kHz, 25 kVA Prototype

Canver, Mehmet
Ermiş, Muammer
Design methodology and implementation of an all SiC power semiconductor-based, grid-connected multi-string photovoltaic (PV) supply with an isolated high frequency (HF) link maximum power point tracker (MPPT) have been described. This system configuration makes possible the use of a simple and reliable two-level voltage source inverter (VSI) topology for grid connection, owing to the galvanic isolation provided by the HF transformer. This topology provides a viable alternative to the commonly used non-isolated PV supplies equipped with Si-based boost MPPT converters cascaded with relatively more complex inverter topologies, at competitive efficiency figures and a higher power density. A 20 kHz, 25 kVA prototype system was designed based on the dynamic model of the multi-string PV panels obtained from field tests. Design parameters such as input DC link capacitance, switching frequencies of MPPT converter and voltage source inverter, size and performance of HF transformer with nanocrystalline core, DC link voltage, and LCL filter of the VSI were optimized in view of the site dependent parameters such as the variation ranges of solar insolation, module surface temperature, and grid voltage. A modified synchronous reference frame control was implemented in the VSI by applying the grid voltage feedforward to the reference voltages in abc axes directly, so that zero-sequence components of grid voltages are taken into account in the case of an unbalanced grid. The system was implemented and the proposed design methodology verified satisfactorily in the field on a roof-mounted 23.7 kW multi-string PV system.


Operating principles and practical design aspects of all SiC DC/AC/DC converter for MPPT in grid-connected PV supplies
ÖZTÜRK, SERKAN; Popos, Polat; Utalay, Volkan; Koc, Atila; Ermiş, Muammer; ÇADIRCI, IŞIK (2018-12-01)
A 20 kW, 20 kHz high frequency (HF) link maximum power point tracking (MPPT) converter for a grid-connected PV supply, based on all silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, is presented. In the developed converter, SiC power MOSFETs are used in the low-voltage PV panel side and SiC Schottky diodes on the high-voltage DC output, in order to maximize the power conversion efficiency and the power density. Operating principles of the resulting dual H-bridge MPPT converter and the practical aspects of the con...
A software for simulation and controller development for high frequency high voltage power supplies
Ertan, Hulusi Bülent; Demirel, O (2000-08-18)
This paper describes a software developed for the simulation of high voltage (up to 125 kV), high frequency power supply for radiology equipment. The main components of the power supply are an AC-DC conversion stage, a high frequency inverter feeding a resonant load. The resonant load is the impedance reflected to the inverter side of the, high voltage high frequency transformer Seeding the X-ray tube. The software has modules for each of the components of the converter mentioned above, which can be modifie...
BODUR, M; ERMIS, M (1994-04-14)
A maximum power point tracker unit is developed for the optimum coupling of photovoltaic panels (PVP) to the batteries and load through a controlled DC-DC power converter (chopper). The system consists of three main units: (i) the photovoltaic panels that convert solar power to electricity; (ii) a chopper which couples the power of PVP to the load or batteries at a constant voltage; and (iii) maximum power point (MPP) computing unit that determines the set point of the chopper to keep the panel voltage at a...
Implementation of 1 kV on LV feeders: a smart alternative to MV line investments to solve voltage drop problems at LV systems
OZENA, Kadir; CEBECI, Mahmut E.; TOR, Osman B.; BATAR, Gokhan; KILIC, Andac; TURKMEN, Ulfet; Güven, Ali Nezih (2017-04-21)
This paper presents methodology and on-site pilot implementation of utilizing 1 kV at low voltage (LV) feeders as an alternative to medium voltage (MV) line investments to solve voltage drop problems at LV systems. Typically distribution companies solve voltage drop problems of LV system by installing a new MV/LV transformer and transferring outmost loads of the existing transformer to the new transformer. This necessitates installation of MV line between the existing and new transformer. The implementation...
Replacement of Electrical (Load) Drives by a Hardware-in-the-Loop System
Kennel, Ralph M.; Boller, Till; Holtz, Joachim (2011-09-10)
This paper presents an interesting approach for hardware-in-the-loop testing of voltage source inverters for drive applications. For this purpose the inverter under test is not connected to a real machine, but to a second inverter instead, which behaves like an electrical machine. The power capability of the so-called "Virtual Machine" is increased by sequential switching of parallel connected standard inverters. The parallel connected inverters can be of the same type as the inverter under test. Hence ther...
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S. ÖZTÜRK, M. Canver, I. ÇADIRCI, and M. Ermiş, “All SiC Grid-Connected PV Supply with HF Link MPPT Converter: System Design Methodology and Development of a 20 kHz, 25 kVA Prototype,” ELECTRONICS, pp. 0–0, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: