Counseling Services in Turkish Universities

This study describes the counseling services offered by Turkish universities. Out of the 39 universities that were sent the survey by regular post or e-mail, 28 responded. Results indicated that (a) the majority of university counseling services are housed within university health centers; (b) counseling services are provided by professionals from different fields (psychiatry, counseling, psychology, social work); (c) counseling staff provide a variety of services; (d) work overload was the most frequently cited concern of the counseling staff; and (e) students most frequently seek help for communication problems.
International Journal of Mental Health


Evaluation of an english language teaching program at A Public University using CIPP model
Tunç, Ferda; Engin Demir, Cennet; Department of Educational Sciences (2010)
This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Ankara University Preparatory School program through the perspectives of instructors and students. To this end, the CIPP (context, input, process, and product) evaluation model developed by Stufflebeam (1971) was utilized. 406 students attending the preparatory school in the 2008-2009 academic year and 12 instructors teaching in the program participated in the study. The data were gathered through a self-reported student questionnaire and an interview schedu...
Psychological distress among international students in Turkey
Cetinkaya-Yildiz, Evrim; ÇAKIR, SAKİNE GÜLFEM; Kondakçı, Yaşar (Elsevier BV, 2011-09-01)
This study examined predictors of psychological distress in a sample of 334 international students studying at different public universities in Turkey. The standard multiple regression analysis was used to clarify the contributions of individual characteristics, interaction with Turkish students, perceived discrimination. Turkish language proficiency, perceived cultural distance, integration to social life in Turkey, and life satisfaction to psychological distress of international students. The results reve...
Counseling in Turkey: An Evolving Field
STOCKTON, REX; Güneri, Oya (2011-01-01)
This article provides a brief history of counseling and addresses the current issues and future trends of counseling in Turkey. Special emphasis is placed on the factors that impede the development of school counseling as a discipline.
Counseling needs of students and evaluation of counseling services at a large urban university in Turkey
Güneri, Oya; SKOVHOLT, TOM (2003-01-01)
This two-stage research project began with a survey designed to learn about the counseling needs of Middle East Technical University students (METU). Specifically, 599 students were surveyed with the Students Needs Assessment Survey. The results showed significant differences in counseling needs of students with respect to GPA, gender and age. However no significant differences were found with respect to college. Qualitative research, intended to examine the perspectives of the METU counseling staff about t...
University students' attitudes toward mental patients in a developing country
Eker, Deniz (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1988-12)
A previous study showed that Turkish and American clinicians and first and fourth year Turkish psychology students were similar to each other in terms of their attitudes toward mental patients. In the present study, first year psychology, science, and medical students were compared to see whether psychology students had more favorable attitudes towards mental patients. In addition, the relationship between the medical students' degree of preference for psychiatry and their attitudes was examined. Analysis o...
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