Synthesis and Laser Activity of Halo-Acridinedione Derivatives

Synthesis of 10-(halophenyl)-9-(4-methoxyphenyl)-3,4,6,7,9,10-hexahydroacridine-1,8-(2H,5H)-dione derivates have been prepared and their absorption, emission, and laser properties have been evaluated. The structures of all the synthesized compounds were characterized by spectroscopic methods IR, H-1 NMR, C-13-APT, MS, and elemental analysis.


BASTURKMEN, M; ISCI, H; KISAKUREK, D (Wiley, 1993-01-01)
Synthesis of four-coordinated (tetrahedral) trichlorophenol cobalt(II) complex with neutral ligand pyridine was achieved from the aqueous solution and its characterization was performed by UV-visible, IR spectral and CHN analysis. Solid state thermal polymerization of the complex was accomplished first at constant temperature employing different time intervals and secondly at constant decomposition time. The poly(dichlorophenylene oxide)s so synthesized were characterized by IR, H-1 NMR and C-13 NMR spectra...
Synthesis, characterizations and investigation of thermoluminescence properties of strontium pyrophosphate doped with metals
Ilkay, L. S.; ÖZBAYOĞLU, GÜLHAN; Yılmaz, Ayşen (2014-11-01)
Strontium pyrophosphate, Sr2P2O7, was synthesized by solid-state synthesis method; the product was co-doped with copper-silver (Cu-Ag), copper-indium (Cu-In) and manganese-praseodymium (Mn-Pr) oxides (CuO, MnO, In2O3, Pr6O11 and AgNO3) by solid-state reaction method. The variation of dopant concentrations was investigated from 0.5 to 15% by weight. In addition to these processes, chemical characterizations of samples and the investigation of thermoluminescence (TLD) properties of strontium pyrophosphate wit...
Synthesis and characterization of water-soluble oligosalicylaldehyde-sulfanilic acid and its Cu(II), Co(II), Pb(II) complexes
Turac, Ersen; Surme, Yavuz; Sahmetlioglu, Ertugrul; Varol, Ramazan; NARİN, Ibrahim; Toppare, Levent Kamil (2008-10-05)
This work presents the synthesis and characterization of a new water-soluble oligophenol derivative, 4-(2-hydroxybenzylideneamino)benzenesulfanic acid (OSAL-SA) and its metal complexes. The chemical structure of the water-soluble polymer was characterized by nuclear magnetic resonance (H-1 NMR) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopies and thermogravimetric analyses (TGAs). Pb(II), Cu(II), Co(II) complexes of the polymer were also synthesized in methanol. Characterizations of water insoluble poly...
Synthesis and characterization of Ba/MCM-41
Kaya, Emine; Oktar, Nuray; Karakaş, Gürkan; Murtezaoglu, Kirali (2010-01-01)
Mesoporous Ba/MCM-41 type materials (Ba/MCM-41) with high Ba/Si molar ratios between 0.025 and 0.1 were synthesized by direct hydrothermal synthesis. The samples were characterized by XRD, nitrogen adsorption, TGA-DTA, FTIR, SEM-EDS, and TEM techniques. BET surface areas of samples with various Ba loadings were found between 722 and 931 m(2)/g with 28 A average pore size, which is consistent with the pore size of 30 A for pure MCM-41 samples synthesized by the same procedure. The crystal structures of synth...
Synthesis and electrochromic properties of trans-stilbene bearing copolymers obtained with different repeat unit and chain length
Karakus, Melike; Nurioglu, Ayda Goycek; Akpinar, Hava Zekiye; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Çırpan, Ali (Elsevier BV, 2013-6)
Three new random copolymers containing benzotriazole (BTz), thiophene (Th) and trans-stilbene (St) were synthesized via Stille coupling technique with different monomer ratios. In order to determine the effect of stilbene quantity on electrochromic properties of the polymers, feed ratios of the monomers were altered in chemical polymerization. Polymer chain length effect was also investigated via using different reaction times and the same feed ratio. The characteristics of the synthesized copolymers were c...
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