Effect of Nerium oleander distillate on MCF-7 breast cancer cell lines

Gündüz, Ufuk
BAŞ, Ahmet Levent
Resistance mechanisms developed against chemotherapeutic drugs limits success in chemotherapy. Making the drug resistant cells re-sensitive to the chemotherapeutic agents is extremely important for the treatment. Various compounds obtained from plants have been found to prevent the anticancer drug efflux from the cells. In the present study, the effect of Nerium oleander distillate on paclitaxel and vincristine resistant (MCF-7/Pac, MCF-7/Vinc) and sensitive MCF-7 cell lines has been investigated. Nerium oleander leaf extract was obtained by hydrodistillation method. The total plant phenolic composition and content of distillate were determined by HPLC and Folin's assay. The effect of distillate on cells was evaluated by XTT tests. The MDR reversal activity of the plant distillates will further be determined by fluorescent microscopy. The total plant phenolic content was 20 mg GAE/g Nerium oleander distillate. According to XTT tests, Nerium oleander distillate is not cytotoxic for MCF-7/S, MCF-7/Pac and MCF-7/Vinc cells when in vivo concentration applied to animals are considered. To conclude, the distillate has a considerable amount of total plant phenolic content. And, it has effects on the viability of all cell lines only at very high concentrations which may clinically be taken as overdose.


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