Nonlinear optical properties of low temperature annealed silicon-rich oxide and silicon-rich nitride materials for silicon photonics

Minissale, S.
Yerci, Selçuk
Dal Negro, L.
We investigate the nonlinear optical properties of Si-rich silicon oxide (SRO) and Si-rich silicon nitride (SRN) samples as a function of silicon content, annealing temperature, and excitation wavelength. Using the Z-scan technique, we measure the non-linear refractive index n(2) and the nonlinear absorption coefficient beta for a large number of samples fabricated by reactive co-sputtering. Moreover, we characterize the nonlinear optical parameters of SRN in the broad spectral region 1100-1500 nm and show the strongest nonlinearity at 1500 nm. These results demonstrate the potential of the SRN matrix for the engineering of compact devices with enhanced Kerr nonlinearities for silicon photonics applications. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3675882]


CCD photometry of V2275 Cygni (N Cyg 2001 No.2) in 2002-2003
Balman, Şölen; Yilmaz, A; Retter, A; Saygac, T; Esenoglu, H (2004-07-16)
We present the CCD photometry, light curve and time series analysis of the classical nova V2275 Cyg. The source is observed for 14 nights in total using standard R filters in 2002 and 2003 with the 1.5m Russian-Turkish joint telescope (RTT150) at the TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG) in Antalya Turkey. We report the detection of two periodicities in the light curve of the nova : a) P-1=0.31449(15) d, b) P-2=0.017079(17) d. We propose that the first period is the orbital period of the system as a result of ...
Coupled fiber taper extraction of 1.53 mu m photoluminescence from erbium doped silicon nitride photonic crystal cavities
Shambat, Gary; Gong, Yiyang; Lu, Jesse; Yerci, Selçuk; Li, Rui; Dal Negro, Luca; Vuckovic, Jelena (2010-03-15)
Optical fiber tapers are used to collect photoluminescence emission at similar to 1.5 mu m from photonic crystal cavities fabricated in erbium doped silicon nitride on silicon. In the experiment, photoluminescence collection via one arm of the fiber taper is enhanced 2.5 times relative to free space collection, corresponding to a net collection efficiency of 4%. Theoretically, the collection efficiency into one arm of the fiber-taper with this material system and cavity design can be as high as 12.5%, but t...
Dielectric matrix influence on the photoluminescence properties of silicon nanocrystals
Ferraioli, L.; Cazzanelli, M.; Daldosso, N.; Mulloni, V.; Bellutti, P.; Yerci, Selçuk; Turan, Raşit; Mikhaylov, A.n.; Tetelbaum, D.ı.; Pavesi, L. (null; 2006-12-01)
Photoluminescence properties of silicon nanocrystals embedded in five different oxide matrices are analyzed. Samples are silicon rich oxide and oxynitride produced by PECVD and ion implantation and crystalline and amorphous aluminum oxide implanted with silicon.
Optical and structural characterization of mixed halide perovskite thin films by thermal co-evaporation
Yılmaz, Onur; Turan, Raşit; Yerci, Selçuk; Department of Physics (2016)
Cost-effective, easy-to-produce, optically and electrically configurable properties of perovskite allow researchers to perform a profound investigation to better understand its physical and chemical nature. Additionally, band gap tunability by introducing bromide (Br) to replace iodine (I) also makes perovskite a suitable material for tandem solar cells. However, to fully benefit from perovskite cells, hysteresis in current-voltage curve, poor stability and relatively low fill factor in large area devices n...
Dielectric and Thermal Effects on the Optical Properties of Natural Dyes: A Case Study on Solvated Cyanin
Malcıoğlu, Osman Barış; Gebauer, Ralph; Varsano, Daniele; Baroni, Stefano (2011-10-05)
The optical properties of the flavylium state of the cyanin dye are simulated numerically by combining Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics and linear-response time-dependent density functional theory calculations. The spectrum of the dye calculated in the gas phase is characterized by two peaks in the yellow and in the blue (green and violet), using a GGA-PBE (hybrid-B3LYP) DFT functional, which would bring about a greenish (bright orange) color incompatible with the dark purple hue observed in nature. Descri...
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S. Minissale, S. Yerci, and L. Dal Negro, “Nonlinear optical properties of low temperature annealed silicon-rich oxide and silicon-rich nitride materials for silicon photonics,” APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, pp. 0–0, 2012, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: