Photoshop plug-ins supporting visual design

Visual materials are often used to increase creativity in the design process. Current web content is quite rich in terms of visual materials. Search engines, on the other hand, provide suitable user interfaces to access these materials. In this study, we have developed Adobe Photoshop plug-ins to allow designers to access and use visual web content without leaving their design environment. Adobe Photoshop is a popular computer aided design tool among visual designers. The developed plug-ins facilitate both keyword-based and image-based search and enable material reuse within the Photoshop workspace.


Inspiration hunter: a software platform to support ideation in picture design
Bal, Gülce; Tarı, Zehra Sibel; Department of Computer Engineering (2019)
Visual materials are commonly used in creative design process as source of inspiration. Nowadays, many of these materials became accessible on the web by means of the image search engines. In this thesis, we developed a platform that adds image hunt and style adaptation features to Adobe Photoshop which is popular among designers as a computer aided design tool. Designers can search via a keyword or an image without changing their working environment and reuse the search results by using the facilities of A...
Architectural programming for achieving value-added design
Akınç, Günseli; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; Department of Architecture (2005)
Values and concerns of project participants have influence on design quality as well as on the design process itself. These determine the functional, social and æsthetic characteristics of the project that are necessary to achieve client satisfaction. The issues of value and quality are compared within the context of architectural programming, including their theoretical and philosophical ground as well as current management techniques. Value and quality can be misunderstood and confused with each other; th...
Information and interaction requirements for software tools supporting analogical design
Töre Yargın, Gülşen (2015-05-01)
One mode of creative design is for designers to draw analogies that connect the design domain (e.g., a mechanical device) to some other domain from which inspiration is drawn (e.g., a biological system). The identification and application of analogies can be supported by software tools that store, structure, present, or propose source domain stimuli from which such analogies might be constructed. For these tools to be effective and not impact the design process in negative ways, they must fit well with the ...
Full-Wave Electromagnetic Optimisation of Corrugated Metallic Reectors Using a Multigrid Approach
KARAOVA, Gokhan; ALTINOKLU, Askin; Ergül, Özgür Salih (2018-01-19)
A multigrid optimisation strategy is introduced to design passive metallic reflectors with corrugated shapes. The strategy is based on using genetic algorithms at multiple grids and shaping the metal sheets, starting from coarse details to fine tunings. This corresponds to a systematic expansion of the related optimisation space, which is explored more efficiently in comparison to a brute-force optimisation without using grid. By employing the multilevel fast multipole algorithm to analyse the electromagnet...
Torrezzan, Cristina; Van der Linden, Julio; Bohemia, Erik; Kaygan, Pınar; Bernardes, Mauricio (2019-01-01)
Professionals such as product designers, architects, and engineers have an intrinsic relationship with drawing, using it to represent everything from the creative sketches of a proposal to its production. In this sense, technical drawing and sketching techniques are a relevant part of design education. In this context, this article presents an analysis of drawings developed by product design students from different countries working in the Global Studio 2018, an international interinstitutional project. In ...
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