Construction of modified Shewhart charts to monitor quality variations of apricots coated with edible sucrose polyesters in storage are described by using data based on changes in weight, soluble solids, pH, ascorbic acid, and Hunter colour scale. These control charts may be used to maintain the inevitable quality loss within acceptable limits, and make it possible to readjust the storage conditions if the acceptable limits should be violated.


Quality control charts for storage of pears
Şümnü, Servet Gülüm (2000-01-01)
Modified Shewart quality control charts were constructed for the storage of pears coated with different concentrations of sucrose polyesters. Weight loss, respiration rate, acidity, soluble solids, ascorbic acid and colour (Hunter a and b values) are the quality factors used for the construction of quality control charts. These charts will be helpful in maintaining the inevitable quality loss to within acceptable limits and in readjusting the storage conditions if the acceptable limits are exceeded.
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Fruit Peels and Other Lignocellulosic Biomass as a Source of Sugar
POCAN, Pelin; BAHÇEGÜL, Erinc; Öztop, Halil Mecit; Hamamcı, Haluk (2018-06-01)
Glucose and reducing sugars were obtained from corn cobs, orange and pomegranate peels by employing different enzymatic hydrolysis and pretreatment strategies. For the hydrolysis of corn cobs, effect of alkaline pretreatment was examined. Effect of cellobiase loading on hydrolysis was also investigated. Glucose content was measured using a Blood Glucose Monitor. When cellobiase was also added to hydrolysate, glucose and TRS yield increased from 20 and 34% respectively. Unlike corncobs, alkaline pretreatment...
Performance assessment of a bentonite-sand mixture for nuclear waste isolation at the potential Akkuyu Nuclear Waste Disposal Site, southern Turkey
Akgün, Haluk; Kockar, Mustafa Kerem (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2015-05-01)
This study assesses the geotechnical performance of a compacted bentonite-sand mixture with a bentonite content ranging from 15 to 30 % by weight to be used as a material component in a waste sealing system. Geotechnical laboratory tests such as compaction, falling head permeability, swelling, unconfined compression and shear strength tests were conducted to select an optimum mixture which eventually led to a recommendation to select an optimum bentonite-sand mixture possessing a bentonite content of 30 % f...
Organic nitrogen in rain and aerosol in the eastern Mediterranean atmosphere: An association with atmospheric dust
Mace, KA; Kubilay, N; Duce, RA (2003-05-31)
From March through early May of 2000, rain and bulk aerosol samples were collected at a coastal site on the eastern Mediterranean Sea at Erdemli, Turkey, and analyzed for nitrogen (N) species, including nitrate (NO3-), nitrite (NO2-), ammonium (NH4+), water-soluble organic N, urea, and dissolved free amino acids. Other ions were also analyzed, including Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, Na+, Cl-, and SO42-. Water-soluble organic N was found to contribute similar to17% and similar to26% of the total water-soluble N in rain an...
Construction of quality control charts with sub-optimal size samples
Ozilgen, M (1998-02-01)
A case study is presented for construction of the quality control charts with suboptimum size samples obtained in a commercial brewery after measuring total acidity, apparent extract and pH of the wort; alcohol, real extract, carbon dioxide total acidity and pH of the bottled beer. Logarithmic transformation of the data was employed to construct the quality control charts, and centering of the data between the specification limits was assessed by means of the process capability index values.
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