Upside down Image in a Spoon

Eryılmaz, Ali


Conical crack in half space with fixed end conditions
Balkan, Haluk; Yahşi, Osman Selçuk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1989)
Rectangular jets in a crossflow
Kavasoğlu, Mehmet S.; Schetz, Joseph A.; Jakubowski, Artur K. (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), 1989-9)
Rectangular jets injected from a flat plate into a crossflow at large angles have been studied. Results were obtained as surface pressure distributions, mean velocity vector plots, turbulence intensities, and Reynolds stresses in the jet plume. The length-to-width ratio of the jets was 4, and the jets were aligned streamwise as single and side-by-side dual jets. The jet injection angles were 90 and 60 deg. Surface pressure distribution results were obtined for jet-to-freestream velocity ratios of 2.2, 4, a...
Axial vector transition form factors of N -> Delta in QCD
Küçükarslan, Ayşe; Özdem, Ulaş; Özpineci, Altuğ (Elsevier BV, 2016-12)
The isovector axial vector form factors of N -> Delta transition are calculated by employing Light-cone QCD sum rules. The analytical results are analyzedby both the conventional method, and also by a Monte Carlo based approach which allows one to scan all of the parameter space. The predictions are also compared with the results in the literature, where available. Although the MonteCarlo analysis predicts large uncertainties in the predicted results, the predictions obtained by the conventional analysis ar...
Conical crack in half space with stress-free boundary conditions.
Parnas, Kemal Levend; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1985)
Vector tracking loop design for GPS receivers
Üzel, Deniz; Baykal, Buyurman; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2016)
This study describes the design of a modern GPS receiver architecture based on vector tracking loops. Since the traditional tracking loops process the signals independently, there is no information exchange between channels. Due to that fact, aiding of weaker signals in the presence of relatively strong signals is impossible. On the other hand, vector tracking loops simultaneously process the signals from all visible channels. Therefore, they are able to perform better than the traditional tracking loops in...
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