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Rectangular jets in a crossflow

Kavasoğlu, Mehmet S.
Schetz, Joseph A.
Jakubowski, Artur K.
Rectangular jets injected from a flat plate into a crossflow at large angles have been studied. Results were obtained as surface pressure distributions, mean velocity vector plots, turbulence intensities, and Reynolds stresses in the jet plume. The length-to-width ratio of the jets was 4, and the jets were aligned streamwise as single and side-by-side dual jets. The jet injection angles were 90 and 60 deg. Surface pressure distribution results were obtined for jet-to-freestream velocity ratios of 2.2, 4, and 8. Mean flow and turbulence flowfield data were obtained for the side-by-side dual jets, mainly for the jet-to-freestream velocity ratio of 4. The jets featured strong negative pressure peaks near the front nozzle corners. The 60-deg jets produced lower magnitude negative pressures, which are distributed over a lesser area when compared to the 90-deg jets.