Fouldy-Wouthuysen transformations of spin 1/2 and spin 3/2 particles.

Koca, Mehmet


Warnier/orr methodology for information systems development and an application.
El-den, A. Jamel; Department of Computer Engineering (1987)
Bhupal, Mohan Lal (2011-11-01)
We determine Legendrian surgery diagrams for the canonical contact structures of links of rational surface singularities that are also small Seifert fibered 3-manifolds. Moreover, we describe an infinite family of Milnor fillable contact 3-manifolds so that, for each member of this family, the Milnor genus and Milnor norm are strictly greater than the support genus and support norm of the canonical contact structure. For some of these contact structures we construct supporting Milnor open books.
Darzens Reaction of Acyl Phosphonates with alpha-Bromo Ketones: Selective Synthesis of cis- and trans-Epoxyphosphonates
Demir, Ayhan Sıtkı; Emrullahoglu, Mustafa; Pirkin, Eser; Akca, Nazmiye (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2008-11-21)
Acyl phosphonates with alpha-halo ketones in the presence of bases at room temperature afford cis- and trans-epoxyphosphonates in good chemical yields and high selectivities using different bases. The diastereoselectivity of this reaction is easily controlled by changing the base. Changing the base from CS(2)CO(3) to DBU changed the diastereomeric ratio (trans/cis) from 3/2 to 9/1. Moreover, the treatment of the trans isomer with DBU showed a complete conversion to the corresponding cis isomer.
Segre Indices and Welschinger Weights as Options for Invariant Count of Real Lines
Finashin, Sergey (2021-03-01)
In our previous paper [5] we have elaborated a certain signed count of real lines on real hypersurfaces of degree 2n - 1 in Pn+1. Contrary to the honest "cardinal" count, it is independent of the choice of a hypersurface and, by this reason, provides a strong lower bound on the honest count. In this count the contribution of a line is its local input to the Euler number of a certain auxiliary vector bundle. The aim of this paper is to present other, in a sense more geometric, interpretations of this local i...
Pippard relations for the solid phase of carbon tetrachloride close to the melting point
Kavruk, D. Kaya; Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2007-01-01)
We study here the Pippard relations as linear relations between the specific heat C-p and the thermal expansivity alpha(p), also between alpha(p) and the isothermal compressibility kappa(T) for the solid phase of carbon tetrachloride close to the melting point.
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M. Koca, “Fouldy-Wouthuysen transformations of spin 1/2 and spin 3/2 particles.,” Middle East Technical University, 1966.