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Rigid, Complete Annuloplasty Rings Increase Anterior Mitral Leaflet Strains in the Normal Beating Ovine Heart

Bothe, Wolfgang
Kuhl, Ellen
Kvitting, JPE
Rausch, Manuel
Göktepe, Serdar
Swanson, Julia
Farahmandnia, Saideh
Ingels, Neil
Miller, Craig
Background-Annuloplasty ring or band implantation during surgical mitral valve repair perturbs mitral annular dimensions, dynamics, and shape, which have been associated with changes in anterior mitral leaflet (AML) strain patterns and suboptimal long-term repair durability. We hypothesized that rigid rings with nonphysiological three-dimensional shapes, but not saddle-shaped rigid rings or flexible bands, increase AML strains.