Anterior mitral leaflet curvature in the beating ovine heart: a case study using videofluoroscopic markers and subdivision surfaces

Göktepe, Serdar
Kvitting, JPE
Swanson, Julia
Ingels, Neil
Miller, Craig
Kuhl, Ellen
The implantation of annuloplasty rings is a common surgical treatment targeted to re-establish mitral valve competence in patients with mitral regurgitation. It is hypothesized that annuloplasty ring implantation influences leaflet curvature, which in turn may considerably impair repair durability. This research is driven by the vision to design repair devices that optimize leaflet curvature to reduce valvular stress. In pursuit of this goal, the objective of this manuscript is to quantify leaflet curvature in ovine models with and without annuloplasty ring using in vivo animal data from videofluoroscopic marker analysis. We represent the surface of the anterior mitral leaflet based on 23 radiopaque markers using subdivision surfaces techniques. Quartic box-spline functions are applied to determine leaflet curvature on overlapping subdivision patches. We illustrate the virtual reconstruction of the leaflet surface for both interpolating and approximating algorithms. Different scalar-valued metrics are introduced to quantify leaflet curvature in the beating heart using the approximating subdivision scheme. To explore the impact of annuloplasty ring implantation, we analyze ring-induced curvature changes at characteristic instances throughout the cardiac cycle. The presented results demonstrate that the fully automated subdivision surface procedure can successfully reconstruct a smooth representation of the anterior mitral valve from a limited number of markers at a high temporal resolution of approximately 60 frames per minute.


Anterior Mitral Leaflet Curvature During the Cardiac Cycle in the Normal Ovine Heart
Kvitting, JPE; Bothe, Wolfgang; Göktepe, Serdar; Rausch, Manuel; Swanson, Julia; Kuhl, Ellen; Ingels, Neil; Miller, Craig (Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2010-10-26)
Background-The dynamic changes of anterior mitral leaflet (AML) curvature are of primary importance for optimal left ventricular filling and emptying but are incompletely characterized.
Rigid, Complete Annuloplasty Rings Increase Anterior Mitral Leaflet Strains in the Normal Beating Ovine Heart
Bothe, Wolfgang; Kuhl, Ellen; Kvitting, JPE; Rausch, Manuel; Göktepe, Serdar; Swanson, Julia; Farahmandnia, Saideh; Ingels, Neil; Miller, Craig (2011-09-13)
Background-Annuloplasty ring or band implantation during surgical mitral valve repair perturbs mitral annular dimensions, dynamics, and shape, which have been associated with changes in anterior mitral leaflet (AML) strain patterns and suboptimal long-term repair durability. We hypothesized that rigid rings with nonphysiological three-dimensional shapes, but not saddle-shaped rigid rings or flexible bands, increase AML strains.
Reduced adhesion of macrophages on anodized titanium with select nanotube surface features
Rajyalakshmi, Amancherla; Ercan, Batur; Balasubramanian, K.; Webster, Thomas J. (2011-01-01)
One of the important prerequisites for a successful orthopedic implant apart from being osteoconductive is the elicitation of a favorable immune response that does not lead to the rejection of the implant by the host tissue. Anodization is one of the simplest surface modification processes used to create nanotextured and nanotubular features on metal oxides which has been shown to improve bone formation. Anodization of titanium (Ti) leads to the formation of TiO(2) nanotubes on the surface, and the presence...
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Hirschmann, J.; Özkurt, Tolga Esat; Butz, M.; Homburger, M.; Elben, S.; Hartmann, C. J.; Vesper, J.; Wojtecki, L.; Schnitzler, A. (2011-04-01)
Neuronal oscillations are assumed to play a pivotal role in the pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease (PD). Neurons in the subthalamic nucleus (STN) generate oscillations which are coupled to rhythmic population activity both in other basal ganglia nuclei and cortical areas.
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S. Göktepe, J. Kvitting, J. Swanson, N. Ingels, C. Miller, and E. Kuhl, “Anterior mitral leaflet curvature in the beating ovine heart: a case study using videofluoroscopic markers and subdivision surfaces,” BIOMECHANICS AND MODELING IN MECHANOBIOLOGY, pp. 281–293, 2010, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: