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Setup for testing the vibration-based loosening of pre-loaded bolted joints

Cavdar, F. Yildiz
Bilal, Halil
Güllü, Ramazan
Güler, Birtan
Ciğeroğlu, Ender
Cavdar, Kadir
Solmaz, Erol
In this study, a test setup was designed and manufactured in order to study vibration based self-loosening characteristics of preloaded bolted joints, especially used in the automobile industry. Details of the designed test setup and its operating principles are presented in addition to the test setups available in the literature. Using the test system developed and implementing a design of experiments procedure, first trials were conducted by using the test setup. Under predefined conditions, it is possible to identify when theloosening of bolts occurs and what tightening moment value is required to prevent self-loosening.