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New zeotype borophosphates with chiral tetrahedral topology: (H)(0.5)M-1.25(H2O)(1.5)[BP2O8]center dot H2O (M = Co(II) and Mn(II))

Yılmaz, Ayşen
Yildirim, LT
Bu, X
Kizilyalli, M
Stucky, GD
Two new isostructural open-framework zeotype transition metal borophosphate compounds, (H)(0.5)M-1.25(H2O)(1.5)[BP2O8].H2O (M=Co(II) and Mn(II)) were synthesized by mild hydrothermal method. The structure of compounds were characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction which have ordered, alternating, vertex-sharing BO4, PO4, and (MO4)OM(H2O)(2) groups with hexagonal, P 6(1) 2 2 (No 178) space group and unit cell parameters for Co a= 9.4960(6) angstrom, c= 15.6230(13) angstrom, for Mn a= 9.6547(12) angstrom, c= 15.791(3) angstrom, Z=1 for both of them. TGA/DTA analysis, IR spectroscopy were used for characterization. Magnetic susceptibility measurements for both of the compound indicate strong antiferromagnetic interaction between metal centers.