Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Simulated Annealing for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling

Sönmez, Rifat
Resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP) is a very important optimization problem in construction project management. Despite the importance of the RCPSP in project scheduling and management, commercial project management software provides very limited capabilities for the RCPSP. In this paper, a hybrid strategy based on genetic algorithms, and simulated annealing is presented for the RCPSP. The strategy aims to integrate parallel search ability of genetic algorithms with fine tuning capabilities of the simulated annealing technique to achieve an efficient algorithm for the RCPSP. The proposed strategy was tested using benchmark test problems and best solutions of the state-of-the-art algorithms. A sole genetic algorithm, and seven heuristics of project management software were also included in the computational experiments. Computational results show that the proposed hybrid strategy improves convergence of sole genetic algorithm and provides a competitive alternative for the RCPSP. The computational experiments also reveal the limitations of the project management software for resource-constrained project scheduling. (C) 2014 American Society of Civil Engineers.


Due date and cost-based FMS loading, scheduling and tool management
Turkcan, Ayten; Akturk, M. Selim; Storer, Robert H. (Informa UK Limited, 2007-03-01)
In this study, we consider flexible manufacturing system loading, scheduling and tool management problems simultaneously. Our aim is to determine relevant tool management decisions, which are machining conditions selection and tool allocation, and to load and schedule parts on non-identical parallel CNC machines. The dual objectives are minimization of the manufacturing cost and total weighted tardiness. The manufacturing cost is comprised of machining and tooling costs (which are affected by machining cond...
Critical Sequence Crashing Heuristic for Resource-Constrained Discrete Time-Cost Trade-Off Problem
Sönmez, Rifat; Uysal, Furkan (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2016-03-01)
Despite the importance of project deadlines and resource constraints in construction scheduling, very little success has been achieved in solving the resource-constrained discrete time-cost trade-off problem (RCDTCTP), especially for large-scale projects. In this paper a new heuristic method is designed and developed to achieve fast and high-quality solutions for the large-scale RCDTCTP. The proposed method is based on the novel principles to enable effective exploration of the search space through adequate...
Scheduling parallel machines to minimize weighted flowtime with family set-up times
Azizoğlu, Meral (Informa UK Limited, 2003-01-01)
We describe and evaluate several branch-and-bound algorithms for an identical parallel machine scheduling problem with family set-up times and an objective of minimizing total weighted flowtime. The algorithms differ by choice of lower bound method. Computational results suggest conditions favourable to a particular algorithm as well as the range of problem sizes that can be optimally solved in reasonable CPU time.
Operational fixed job scheduling problem under spread time constraints: a branch-and-price algorithm
Solyali, O.; Ozpeynirci, O. (Informa UK Limited, 2009-01-01)
This study addresses the operational fixed job scheduling problem under spread time constraints. The problem is to select a subset of jobs having fixed ready times and deadlines for processing on identical parallel machines such that total weight of the selected jobs is maximised. We first give a mathematical formulation of the problem and then reformulate it using Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition. We propose a branch-and-price algorithm that works on the reformulation of the problem. Computational results show ...
Hybrid meta-heuristic algorithms for the resource constrained multi-project scheduling problem
Uysal, Furkan; Sönmez, Rifat; Department of Civil Engineering (2014)
The general resource constrained multi-project scheduling problem (RCMPSP) consists of simultaneous scheduling of two or more projects with common resource constraints, while minimizing duration of the projects. Critical Path Method and other scheduling methods do not consider resource conflicts and practically used commercial project management software packages and heuristic methods provide very limited solutions for the solution of the RCMPSP. Considering the practical importance of multi-project schedul...
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Ö. H. BETTEMİR and R. Sönmez, “Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Simulated Annealing for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling,” JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT IN ENGINEERING, pp. 0–0, 2015, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/35322.