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Shrinkage compensation of holes via shrinkage of interior structure in FDM process

An interior design methodology to compensate for the shrinkage in the holes of artifacts fabricated with desktop 3D printers employing fused deposition modeling process is presented in this study. In the conventional way of compensating, the initial geometry is scaled according to the predictive and statistical models so that the critical dimensions will be more accurate when the part is cooled down. The proposed method employs a completely different paradigm. It constructs various interior structures to compensate for the shrinkage in the holes according to the geometric attributes of the artifacts. In other words, the method utilizes shrinkage as a tool to compensate for the shrinkage. Printed interior line segments, which are directly connected to the perimeter of the hole, simply pull the hole towards the inside of the artifact. In result, the dimensional accuracy of the hole is improved considerably. The measurements with a coordinate measuring machine and the numerical analysis revealed that the proposed design approach can decrease the dimensional error substantially compared to the conventional 3D printed parts.