Experimental analysis of curved laminated beam

Uzhan, Tevfik
In this thesis, experimental studies are carried out on curved laminated glass beams to form a database for the scientists who may like to test their mathematical models. Beams which are only free to rotate and constrained in radial direction at both ends are tested to make the data available for further calculations. Test setup is prepared to minimize error that could occur due to test setup and data readings. Material testing machine and 4 channel data collecting machine are used to measure the signals at the strain gauges located over the glass beam. Within the range of force applied to the specimens, laminated curved beam shows linear behavior without any fracture. Data collected from the specimens are in conformance with each other. Results obtained from experiments are compared with the results obtained from the mathematical model developed by AŞık and Dural (2006). As it is observed from the graphs presented, experimental results from the tests and numerical results from the mathematical model are in good agreement.
Citation Formats
T. Uzhan, “Experimental analysis of curved laminated beam,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.