Cyclic behavior of unidirectional and cross-ply titanium matrix composites

Neu, R.W.
Çöker, Demirkan
Nicholas, T.
Relatively simple and efficient micromechanical models are used to obtain the uniaxial response of SCS-6/Timetal 21S with [0](4) and [0/90](s) laminates when subjected to isothermal and thermomechanical fatigue (TMF) loadings. Features of the modeling that are required to obtain the accurate deformation behavior for this class of materials under these loadings are highlighted. To this end, a comparison is made between the concentric cylinder model and the uniaxial stress model for representing the [0] laminate. The axial stresses from the two models are very similar under mechanical loading. The greatest differences appear under thermal loading alone. The differences on the composite response between a lime-independent elastic-plastic and a viscoplastic matrix constitutive model are also examined. The latter is based on the Bodner-Partom unified constitutive model. The [0/90] laminate is treated by adding a parallel element with smeared [90] ply properties to the [0] model and invoking axial strain compatibility as well as stress equilibrium. The proposed constitutive law for the [90] ply includes both matrix viscoplasticity and fiber/matrix separation damage and is based on damage mechanics concepts. The effect of cyclic frequency on TMF behavior is examined. The in-phase TMF life is shown to be very sensitive to frequency due to the relaxation of matrix stress and the attendant increase in fiber stress.
International Journal of Plasticity


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