Optimization of Vortex Promoter Parameters to Enhance Heat Transfer Rate in Electronic Equipment

Ayli, Ece
Bayer, Özgür
In this paper, optimization of the location and the geometry of a vortex promoter located above in a finned surface in a channel with eight heat sources is investigated for a Reynolds number of 12,500 < Re < 27,700. Heat transfer rates and the corresponding Nusselt number distributions are studied both experimentally and numerically using different vortex promoter geometries (square, circular, and triangular) in different locations to illustrate the effect of vortex promoter on the fluid flow. Optimization study considered a range of following parameters: blockage ratio of 0.30<(y/C) < 0.45 and interpromoter distance ratio of 0.2277 <(x/L) < 0.3416. Results show that fins over which rectangular and circular promoters are integrated perform better in enhancing the heat transfer. According to the numerical and experimental results, higher blockage ratios cause significantly higher heat transfer coefficients. According to the observations, as the interpromoter distances increase, shedding gains strength, and more turbulence is created. All vortex promoters enhance heat transfer resulting in lower temperature values on the finned surface for different (y/C) and (x/L) values and Reynolds numbers. The use of promoters enhances the heat transfer, and the decrease in the maximum temperature values is recorded on the finned surface changing between 15% and 27%. The biggest decrease in maximum surface temperature value is 500 K-364 K and observed in circular promoter case with (y/C) = 0.43, (x/L) = 0.3416, and Reynolds numbers of 22,200.


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E. Ayli and Ö. Bayer, “Optimization of Vortex Promoter Parameters to Enhance Heat Transfer Rate in Electronic Equipment,” JOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS, pp. 0–0, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/36903.