Safranbolu a conservation and development model using photogrammetric techniques.

Kangal, Uğur


Safran: a distributed and parallel application development frameworks of hetereogeneous workstations
Gölyeri, Hamza; Bozyiğit, Müslim; Department of Computer Engineering (2005)
With the rapid advances in high-speed network technologies and steady decrease in the cost of hardware involved, network of workstation (NOW) environments began to attract attention as competitors against special purpose, high performance parallel processing environments. NOWs attract attention as parallel and distributed computing environments because they provide high scalability in terms of computing capacity and they have much smaller cost/performance ratios with high availability. However, they are har...
Simvastatin loaded porous hydroxyapatite based microcarriers for bone tissue engineering /
Güldiken, Merve; Tezcaner, Ayşen; Durucan, Caner; Department of Biotechnology (2014)
Bone tissue engineering provides a new medical therapy as an alternative to conventional bone replacement grafts. Carriers designed for bone tissue engineering applications should be biocompatible, bioactive, and porous and should also meet certain minimal requirements to obtain functional engineered tissues. Polymers, ceramic materials and their composites are widely used for developing such carriers. The objective of this study was to develop and characterize a simvastatin (SIM) loaded porous hydroxyapati...
Garzan oil recovery by wag immiscible CO2 flooding
Shagan, Abdulmajid; Okandan, Ender; Department of Petroleum Engineering (1992)
Kirmanciya beleke: Understanding Alevi geography in between spaces of longing and belonging
Zırh, Besim Can (2017-01-01)
Bursa solid waste characterization.
EL-Asmar, Ghassan; Department of Environmental Engineering (1987)
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U. Kangal, “Safranbolu a conservation and development model using photogrammetric techniques.,” Middle East Technical University, 1975.