Granitoid rocks of the southern Menderes Massif (southwestern Turkey): field evidence for Tertiary magmatism in an extensional shear zone

Recent field campaign in the southern Menderes Massif in southwestern Turkey revealed that the socalled 'core of the massif comprises two distinct types of granitoid rocks: an orthogneiss (traditionally known as augen gneisses) and leucocratic metagranite, where the latter is intrusive into the former and the structurally overlying 'cover' schists. These differ from one another in intensity of deformation, degree of metamorphism and kinematics. The orthogneiss display penetrative top-to-the-N-NNE fabrics formed under upper-amphibolite facies conditions during the Eocene main Menderes metamorphism (MMM), whereas foliation and stretching lineation exists in the leucocratic metagranites but are not strongly developed. The leucocratic metagranites show evidence of syn- to post-emplacement deformation in a series of weakly developed top-to-the-S-SSW fabrics formed under lower greenschist-facies (?) conditions. Leucocratic metagranite bodies occur all along the augen gneiss-schist contact in the southern Menderes Massif; they are emplaced as sheet-like bodies into country rocks (previously deformed and metamorphosed during a top-to-the-N-NNE Alpine orogeny) along a ductile extensional shear zone, located between orthogneisses and metasediments, which was possibly active during emplacement. The data presently available indicate that emplacement and associated ductile extensional deformation occurred during Late Oligocene-Early Miocene time. These results confirm previous contentions that there are Tertiary granites in this part of the Menderes Massif.


Geochemistry and Tectonic Implications of Leucogranites and Tourmalines of the Southern Menderes Massif, Southwest Turkey
Bozkurt, Erdin; Mittwede, Steven K.; Ottley, Christopher J. (Informa UK Limited, 2006-10)
Granitoid rocks of the southern Menderes Massif, SW Turkey include widespread possibly Ediacaran high-grade granitic orthogneisses and younger (Tertiary) sheets, sills and/or dikes of variably deformed tourmaline-bearing leucogranites. The latter are confined to the immediate footwall of the regional-scale ductile southern Menderes shear zone. Although both sets of granitoid rocks are essentially calc-alkaline and peraluminous, the syn- to post-collisional tourmaline-bearing leucogranites are chemically dis...
Late Alpine evolution of the central Menderes Massif, western Turkey
Bozkurt, Erdin (2001-04-01)
The central Menderes Massif (western Turkey) is characterized by an overall dome-shaped Alpine foliation pattern and a N-NNE-trending stretching lineation. A section through the southern flank of the central submassif along the northern margin of Buyuk Menderes graben has been studied. There, asymmetric non-coaxial fabrics indicate that the submassif has experienced two distinct phases of Alpine deformation: a top-to-the N-NNE contractional phase and a top-to-the S-SSW extensional event. The former fabrics ...
Hydrothermal alteration products in the vicinity of the Ahirozu kaolin deposits, Mihaliccik-Eskisehir, Turkey
Sayit, Isil Omeroglu; Günal Türkmenoğlu, Asuman; Sayin, S. Ali; Demirci, Cengiz (Mineralogical Society, 2018-06-01)
The mineralogy, texture and composition of rocks associated with the kaolin deposits in the Ahirozu-Hamidiye-Ucbasli area, SE of Mihaliccik, Eskisehir, Turkey, were investigated. In the study area, Triassic, blue-green schists and serpentinized ultramafic rocks are exposed. Kaolinization occurs at the contact between a Triassic granitic intrusion and metamorphic rocks. Textural and mineralogical characteristics were identified by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive X-r...
Synorogenic eocene leucogranite magmatism in the southern menderes massif and its tectonic significance
Bozkurt, Erdin; Quentin G, Crowley (null; 2015-04-06)
Güney Menderes Masifi’nde üst düzeylerin güneye hareket ettiği normal bileşenli Güney Menderes makaslama zonunun (GMMZ) taban bloğunda yer alan ortognayslar ile onları yapısal olarak üzerleyen metasedimanlar lökogranit kütleleri tarafından kesilirler. Bu lökogranit kütlelerinden birisi geç Orta Eosen (U-Pb zirkon yaşı) yaşındadır. Bu veri GMMZ’ndaki sinorojenik normal hareketin başlama yaşı olarak yorumlanmıştır. En yaşlı uyumsuz sedimanlar masifin erken Miyosen’de yüzeye çıktığını göstermektedir. Ortognasy...
Metamorphism in the Palaeozoic schists of the Southern Menderes Massif field petrographic textural and fabric data from Selimiye Milas Muğla area
Bozkurt, Erdin (1996-01-01)
Abstract: The Menderes Massif is a large-scale metamophic core-complex in western Anatolia and forms the western of two large metamorphic culminations in the Turkish Alpide orogen. Within the Southern Menderes Massif on the southern side of the Beßparmak Mountain north of Selimiye (Milas-MuÛla), two distinct lithologic groups are recognized on the basis of their lithology and structural position: the late Oligocene granitoid rocks now in the form of mylonitic augen gneiss and the structurally overlying sequ...
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E. Bozkurt, “Granitoid rocks of the southern Menderes Massif (southwestern Turkey): field evidence for Tertiary magmatism in an extensional shear zone,” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES, pp. 52–71, 2004, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: