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Prospective mathematics teachers' critical thinking processes about scientific research: Newspaper article example

This study aimed to explore how prospective middle school mathematics teachers think critically about a newspaper article that reported the findings of a statistical research. Participants of the study were four fourth-year students enrolled at the mathematics teacher education program of a public university. To investigate the research question of the study, case study method was employed. Indepth semi-structured interviews were done to examine participants' critical thinking processes. The findings of the study indicated that prospective mathematics teachers made use of a variety of critical thinking processes (comprehending, making connections, inferring ideas, critiquing, and self-reflecting) and provided clues about the interrelated nature of these processes. This study would shed light on the characterization of critical thinking in the context of statistical literacy by suggesting a blended framework. It also suggests the design of the tasks including media articles to promote both statistical literacy and critical thinking in statistics education courses for prospective mathematics teachers.