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In this lecture, steady-state convective heat transfer in different microchannels (microtube and parallel plates) will be presented in the slip flow regime. Laminar, thermally and/or hydrodynamically developing flows will be considered. In the analyses, in addition to rarefaction, axial conduction, and viscous dissipation effects, which are generally neglected in macroscale problems, surface roughness effects, and temperature-variable thermophysical properties of the fluid will also be taken into consideration. Navier-Stokes and energy equations will be solved and the variation of Nusselt number, the dimensionless parameter for convection heat transfer, along the channels will be presented in tabular and graphical forms as a function of Knudsen, Peclet, and Brinkman numbers, which represent the effects of rarefaction, axial conduction, and viscous dissipation, respectively. The results will be compared and verified with available experimentalanalytical, and numerical solutions in literature.