Analysis of the Magnetization as a Function of the Magnetic Field at the Transition Temperature for La0.6Nd0.4Mn2Si2

Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit
Doğan, Ezgi
Emre, B.
Acet, M.
We analyze in this study our experimental data for the magnetization (M) as a function of the magnetic field (H) at various constant temperatures for the multilayer structure of La Nd-0.6 Mn-0.4 Si-2 (2) close to the ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic transitions. This analysis is performed at the transition temperatures (T (c)) for the M vs. H- H (c) (H (c) is the critical field) according to a power-law formula above and below H (c), and the values of the critical isotherm delta are deduced for La Nd-0.6 Mn-0.4 Si-2 (2). We also calculate the magnetic field (H- H (c)) dependence of the isothermal susceptibility chi (T) at constant temperatures above and below H (c), and we obtain the critical behaviour of chi (T) for this multilayer structure. Our delta values indicate that the ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic transition in La Nd-0.6 Mn-0.4 Si-2 (2) changes its character from a first order (discontinuous) toward a second-order (continuous) one as the constant temperature changes.