Solar repowering of Soma-A thermal power plant

Baker, Derek Keıth
In this study, solar repowering of the Soma-A thermal power plant in Turkey is investigated using simulations. The Soma A thermal power plant began operation in 1957 and has served until 2010. In the current situation the installed capacity of the power plant is 44 MWel with two units. In the simulations full load and part load operations are considered and compared for three different cases: (1) current case; (2) solar steam generation; and, (3) solar feed water heating. Economic analyses are performed by using the simple payback method. According to the results, solar repowering of Soma A thermal power plant with parabolic trough type collectors can result in 14% power increment at full load operation of the boiler and 14% CO2 decrement at part load operation of the boiler. However, the economic analysis predicts that the payback time of solar repowering is approximately 10 years for a CO2 price per ton of 100 USD and unit electricity selling price of 0.24 USD/kW h.


Simulation of solar thermal applicatıon in a cement plant
Salehian, Shadi; Tarı, İlker; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2020)
This study presents solar thermal application in the most energy consuming units of a cement plant located in Gaziantep, Turkey. Cement industry is the most important energy intensive and the second largest contributor to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions in the world which accounts for 5-6% of global CO2 emissions. Both material and energy flows are analyzed in the system for a conventional cement industry and a solar integrated one taking the most energy-efficient innovations into account. The whole ...
Solar energy R&D, technology and economics in Turkey
Taşdemiroğlu, E (Elsevier BV, 1990-1)
The solar energy potential of Turkey is assessed. Solar energy R&D programs and technology and the present market for flat-plate solar collectors are briefly reviewed. The potential share of solar energy in the total energy budget is estimated.
Ozcan, Guclu; Alemdaroglu, Nafiz (2015-06-12)
This paper is about solar irradiation estimation on a solar powered UAV over its mission course [1]. Solar irradiation estimation and maximizing the solar energy collection are critical for solar powered UAVs and their performance. In this paper main focus is on solar irradiation calculations and comparison of two possible flight paths for solar energy collection during a transport or inspection mission.
Technical and economic feasibility of large scale concentrating solar power deployment in Kenya
Kiema, Kathy; Fahrioğlu, Murat; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2017-8)
The electricity generation portfolio in kenya has experienced some problems in the recent past due to the reliance on hydro power which in the event of poor hydrology has led to deployment of expensive diesel fired power plants. Energy planners have sought to diversify the sources utilized for power generation to mitigate risks related to over reliance on hydro and as a result the generation expansion plan for kenya as outlined in the least cost power development plan (lcpdp) is characterized by a significa...
Seasonal variation of the monthly efficiencies of thin film PV modules
Özden, Talat; Turan, Raşit; Akınoğlu, Bülent Gültekin (null; 2017-12-04)
Outdoor testing of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules must be carried out at different climates as PV power plants nowadays are installed and continues to be installed in many countries. Present study is outdoor testing results and analyses of 5 thin film modules in Ankara, Turkey. The analyses are carried out using monthly efficiencies of the modules that are derived using the energy yield and input. The average efficiencies of the CIS, CIGS and μc-Si/a-Si thin film modules are. We present the monthly and ave...
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M. Z. YILMAZOĞLU, A. DURMAZ, and D. K. Baker, “Solar repowering of Soma-A thermal power plant,” ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT, pp. 232–237, 2012, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: