Numerical analyses of load tests on model foundations in dry sand

Unsever, Y. S.
Matsumoto, T.
Özkan, M. Yener
In this study, a series of vertical and cyclic horizontal load tests on 3-pile piled raft model were carried out in dry sand to investigate the piled raft behaviour under combined loads. Also, numerical modelling of experiments were carried out by using FEM software, PLAXIS 3D. Hardening soil model was employed to model the sand, and elastic model was used for the pile and the raft. Soil parameters were estimated from consolidated drained triaxial tests carried on the sand samples and pile parameters were estimated from simple bending tests. It is seen that the behaviour of piled raft is considerably influenced by the interaction of the raft and the piles, and that it is not possible to estimate piled raft behaviour by examining its components individually.


Physical and numerical modelling of pile foundations subjected to vertical and horizontal loading in dry sand
Unsever, Y. S.; Özkan, M. Yener; Matsumoto, T.; Shimono, S.; Esashi, K. (2014-09-25)
Vertical load test and cyclic horizontal load test on a 3-pile piled raft model were carried out in dry sand model ground at 1-g field to investigate vertical and horizontal bearing mechanisms of the piled raft model. Load tests on the raft and single pile were also carried out separately to investigate their interactions on the piled raft. Numerical modelling of the load tests were carried out, aiming at obtaining more insight into the behaviour of the piled raft subjected to vertical and horizontal loadin...
Seismic behaviour of roller compacted concrete dams under different base treatments
Gharibdoust, Ali; ALDEMİR, ALPER; Binici, Barış (Informa UK Limited, 2019-09-09)
The effect of base roughness on the seismic behaviour of roller compacted concrete gravity dams were investigated by pseudo-dynamically testing two 1/75 scaled specimens with smooth and rough base treatments. Both specimens were tested under the effect of three different hazard level earthquakes and also a pushover experiment was conducted to obtain the capacity curve of each specimen. The smooth base specimen exhibited significant sliding under the effect of the maximum credible earthquake motion. In contr...
Development of design equations to estimate live load effects in hammer-head bridge piers
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Estimation of lining thickness around circular shafts
Ozturk, H; Unal, E (2001-06-22)
In this paper, the broken zone developing, around a circular mine shafts and lining pressure is estimated by integrating the results of numerical analysis and the "rock-load height" equation derived from empirical analysis. During numerical modelling studies, the computer program FLAC(2D) was utilized. In order to estimate equivalent Mohr failure Envelope from the generalised Hoek Brown failure criterion, a new FISH function was written within FLAC(2D). Parametric studies were carried out by considering mRM...
A Laboratory model study on settlement reduction effect of stone columns in soft clay
Sünnetçioğlu, Mehmet Emrah; Ergun, Mehmet Ufuk; Department of Civil Engineering (2012)
An experimental study was conducted in order to examine settlement reduction ratios of footing supported by both floating and end bearing type of stone columns. For the floating types, tests were done with varying column lengths of one and two widths of footing (L=B,2B). Tests were conducted in 200 mm* 200 mm* 200 mm cubic loading tanks. The reinforcement effect was achieved by the installation of four stone columns with 20 mm diameter under 70 mm* 70mm model footing. Parameters such as area replacement rat...
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Y. S. Unsever, T. Matsumoto, and M. Y. Özkan, “Numerical analyses of load tests on model foundations in dry sand,” COMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICS, pp. 255–266, 2015, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: