Factors associated with relationship satisfaction: Importance of communication skills

Eǧeci, I. Sine
Gençöz, Tülin
The present study aimed to investigate the association between communication skills and relationship satisfaction, after having controlled for some other important associates of relationship satisfaction, such as attachment styles and various problem-solving skills including sense of control, confidence, and attitudes of approach-avoidance. One-hundred-forty-two university students who were either currently involved in a romantic relationship, or who had a romantic relationship in the past participated in this study. As a result of hierarchical regression analysis consistent with the expectations, having secure attachment style and high self-confidence on possessed problem-solving abilities were found to be associated with the relationship satisfaction. Moreover, after controlling for the variance accounted for by these variables communication skills were still found to be associated with the relationship satisfaction. Findings were discussed in the light of the relevant literature.
Contemporary Family Therapy


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