Multi-Mode Pushover Analysis with Generalized Force Vectors

Sucuoğlu, Haluk
Guenay, M. Selim
A generalized pushover analysis procedure is developed for estimating the inelastic seismic response of structures under earthquake ground excitations. The procedure comprises applying a generalized force vector to the structure in an incremental form with increasing amplitude until a prescribed seismic demand is attained. A generalized force vector is expressed as a combination of modal forces, and simulates the instantaneous force distribution acting on the system when a given interstory drift reaches its maximum value during dynamic response to a seismic excitation. The proposed generalized pushover analysis does not suffer from the statistical combination of inelastic modal responses obtained separately. The results obtained from building frames have demonstrated that generalized pushover analysis is successful in estimating maximum member deformations and member forces with reference to nonlinear response history analysis.
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H. Sucuoğlu and M. S. Guenay, “Multi-Mode Pushover Analysis with Generalized Force Vectors,” 2009, vol. 13, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: