An Assessment of Turkish Young Pupils' Environmental Literacy: A nationwide survey

Erdogan, Mehmet
Ok, Ahmet
The purpose of this nationwide survey was to assess young Turkish pupils' environmental literacy (EL) level by considering six EL components. The sample of the study comprised of 2,412 fifth graders selected from 78 elementary schools (26 private and 52 public) in 26 provinces of Turkey. Data were obtained through the use of an elementary school environmental literacy instrument (ESELI) including five parts and total of 75 items. The results revealed that the composite EL score of the students was found to be 149.66 (SD = 26.19), suggesting a moderate level of EL among 61% percent of the students (n = 1,545). On the other hand, more than a quarter of the participants (27.3%, n = 659) held high level EL, whereas only 22 students (0.9%) showed low level EL. The implications of the results to policy, practice, and further research were discussed at the end of the study.


Fifth grade students’ environmental literacy and the factors affecting students’ environmentally responsible behaviors
Erdoğan, Mehmet; Ok, Ahmet; Department of Educational Sciences (2009)
The purpose of the study was to assess 5th grade Turkish students’ environmental literacy (EL) level by considering six EL components, and explore the factors predicting the environmentally responsible behaviors (ERB) of these students. The research design of the study was nation-wide survey. The sample of the survey consisted of 2412 fifth grade students selected from 78 elementary schools (26 private and 52 public) in 26 provinces across Turkey. Developed by the researcher, Elementary School Environmental...
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Content analysis of selected features of K-8 environmental education research studies in Turkey, 1997-2007
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