The Revised Cyber Bullying Inventory (RCBI): validity and reliability studies

Topcu, Cigdem
Erdur Baker, Özgür
The aim of this study is to revise Cyber Bullying Inventory (CBI) and to examine its basic psychometric characteristics. There were two independent samples. First sample consisting of 358 participants (178 female, 178 male, 2 unknown) aged 13-21 (M=16.58; SD=1.42) was used to test preliminary validity and reliability tests. Confirmatory analyses were conducted with the second data set which consisted of 339 participants (220 female, 117 male, 2 unknown) aged 13-21 (M=17.07; SD=1.45). RCBI appears to be a valid and reliable tool which can be utilized safely among Turkish adolescents to investigate the nature and extent of cyber bullying experience.