Solar domestic water heating in Turkey

In this report we discuss the present situation of solar water heating for domestic supplies in Turkey and give the results of a computer analysis for nine distinct regions. The analyses are carried out for four typical days of the four seasons and also on a monthly base. The results show that detailed initial work must be carried out before installing the system to determine the optimized collector area. Such analysis can provide efficient using of the Sun's energy as well as economical benefits in the initial investments and long term utilization.


Residential energy efficiency: Turkish case
Kartal, Aysun; Türüt Aşık, Serap.; Department of Economics (2019)
This study aims to analyze residential electricity demand of Turkey between 2008 and 2015, provide relative efficiency scores of provinces in electricity use and reveal the determinants of (in)efficiency through stochastic frontier approach. Empirical results indicate that having higher income, inhabiting in densely populated provinces and living at detached houses result in increasing electricity consumption at the residential sector. On the other hand, as household size increases, electricity consumption ...
Air quality impacts of electricity use in domestic heating: A comparative study for Ankara
Kayin, S; Yavuzdemir, F (1997-09-26)
In this study, existing air quality affects of current domestic heating systems in comparison to the electricity use alternative in Ankara have been analysed. For the winter season 1991-1992 heat energy used in Ankara for domestic heating has been calculated. For the hypothetical case of electricity use instead of the current domestic heating systems in the city, Industrial Source Complex - Short Term dispersion model has been used for six site alternatives and for two different thermal power plant technolo...
Solar energy R&D, technology and economics in Turkey
Taşdemiroğlu, E (Elsevier BV, 1990-1)
The solar energy potential of Turkey is assessed. Solar energy R&D programs and technology and the present market for flat-plate solar collectors are briefly reviewed. The potential share of solar energy in the total energy budget is estimated.
Solar repowering of Soma-A thermal power plant
YILMAZOĞLU, MUSTAFA ZEKİ; DURMAZ, Ali; Baker, Derek Keıth (2012-12-01)
In this study, solar repowering of the Soma-A thermal power plant in Turkey is investigated using simulations. The Soma A thermal power plant began operation in 1957 and has served until 2010. In the current situation the installed capacity of the power plant is 44 MWel with two units. In the simulations full load and part load operations are considered and compared for three different cases: (1) current case; (2) solar steam generation; and, (3) solar feed water heating. Economic analyses are performed by ...
Alternative Electric Energy Source Selection in Construction Projects: A Case Study in Turkey
Kia, Farrokh Rostami; ÇABUK, ALPER; CENGİZ, AYTÜL AYŞE; Vahed, Amir Taghizadeh; MUTLU, SUNAY (2011-07-08)
The objectives of this study are to find the best way to calibrate data that are collected from the energy maps of Turkey and take advantage of alternative electric energy source in construction projects. To achieve these goals, renewable energy maps of Turkey were collected. Four types of energy maps such as solar, wind, geothermal, and wave energy were utilized. Cost effectiveness was proposed for the construction projects that have a total cost of more than a million dollars. Thus it is considered that a...
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