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Temperature effects on the structural and optical properties of the TlInSe2xS2(1-x) mixed crystals (x=0.3)

Omar, A.
Qasrawi, A. F.
Hasanlı, Nızamı
In this work, we have studied the temperature effects on the recrystallization process and on the energy band gap of the TlInSe(2)xS(2(1 - x)) mixed crystals at the critical composition (x = 0.3) where structural phase transition from tetragonal to monoclinic takes place. Remarkable effect which included permanent recrystallization process, enlargements in the monoclinic crystallite size, decreases in the compressing strain and in the dislocation density as well as in the stacking faults and in the energy band gap with increasing temperature were observed. In addition, the temperature dependent energy band gap of the crystal which is investigated in the same temperature range that was used for the recrystallization process revealed that the recrystallization process is associated with energy band gap narrowing.