Axial mixing of solids in a fluidized bed.

Bozay, M. Kemâl


Axial solid mixing and the dispersion coefficient fluidization velocity relationship in a fluidized bed.
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Axial dispersion of liquid in Mobile-Bed Contacting (MBC) was investigated employing transient-response technique with impulse input of NaCI tracer. Experiments were performed in a 0.195 m ID column. Three different packing diameters (15, 19.5 and 32 mm) and three different static bed heights (0.1, 0.195 and 0.3 m) were used. Gas flow rate was varied between 3.02 and 4.05 kg/m2/s and liquid flow rate from 2.4 to 10.4 kg/m2/s. Transfer function analysis of data yielded that Peclet number was practically ind...
Mechanical milling of magnesium powders and measurement of their hydrogen sorption characteristics.
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Axially symmetrical stress distributions in a thick elastic layer.
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Radial oscillation of nonhomogeneous cylindrical and sherical shells of arbitrary wall-thickness subjected to lateral pressure.
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M. K. Bozay, “Axial mixing of solids in a fluidized bed.,” Middle East Technical University, 1979.