We train, but what do they think? Preservice teachers' perceptions of the adequacy of their teacher education in Turkey

The study aimed to assess the adequacy of pre-service teacher education in Turkey as perceived by preservice teachers. Specifically, the researchers investigated preservice teachers' perceptions of the adequateness of their education in terms of developing teaching skills and the major components of teacher education. The factors affecting their perceptions were also examined. In total, 1856 preservice teachers participated in the study. A questionnaire was prepared to collect data from the participants. According to the findings, teacher education should be enhanced in terms of preparing candidates for skills such as teaching in different contexts and cooperating with parents; and practicum hours needed to be improved for more effective preparation of preservice teachers. Moreover, it was also found that the preservice teachers' subject, college, orientation towards teaching and the perceived adequacy of program components played significant roles in affecting their perceptions of teacher education.


The Need for Change in Teacher Education in Yemen: The Beliefs of Prospective Language Teachers
Muthanna, Abdulghani; Karaman, Abdullah Cendel (2010-12-05)
This study focuses on exploring the beliefs of prospective teachers related to the current (2009-2010) status of the English Language Teacher Education Program (ELTEP) in Yemen. Major beliefs about teaching take shape within the context of teacher education programs (Pajares, 1992) and the investigation of Yemeni prospective teachers' beliefs provides an opportunity to understand the developmental paths of teachers in a relatively little researched setting (Al-Goufi, 2006). In this study, primary data sourc...
Identifying essential qualities for elementary teachers of the 21st century and effectiveness of elementary teacher education program for developing these qualities
Akın, Sibel; Ok, Ahmet; Department of Educational Sciences (2017)
The purpose of this study was, first, to investigate the essential qualities for elementary teachers of the 21st century based on the perceptions of the teacher educators, the pre-service and in-service elementary teachers, and the authorities of the MoNE and the CHE in Turkey. Drawing on this, the study further aimed to explore the effectiveness of the elementary teacher education program in Turkey for how well it develops those desired essential qualities, as perceived by the in-service elementary teacher...
Teacher Education Research in Turkey: Trends, Issues and Priority Areas
Yıldırım, Ali (2013-07-01)
Teacher education research in Turkey can be categorized under five headings: attitudes and perceptions of teacher candidates toward teaching; competency perceptions of teacher candidates; school experience; assessment of teacher education programs; and the impact of teacher education research on teacher candidates' knowledge, skills and attitudes. Research on attitudes and perceptions of teaching is carried out mostly through surveys, whereas quantitative, qualitative and mixed designs are used in studying ...
The current state of instructional materials education: Aligning policy, standards, and teacher education curriculum
Tekir, Serpil (2019-02-10)
Effective use of instructional materials is stated as an important professional competence that foreign language teachers should have in the policy documents of Turkish Higher Education Council, and in the standards documents of Turkish Ministry of National Education. In spite of this emphasis on the policy and standards, beginning teachers continue to demonstrate low competence in instructional materials. This may result from limited instructional materials education that is potentially misaligned to teach...
Turkish Preservice Science Teachers Understanding of Science and Their Confidence in Teaching it
Tekkaya, Ceren; Çakıroğlu, Jale; Özkan, Özlem (2004-01-01)
This study examines Turkish pre-service science teachers' understanding of science concepts and their confidence in its teaching. A total of 299 senior science education major students participated in the study. Data collection instruments included the Science Concepts Test, and the Science Teaching Efficacy Belief Instrument. Although findings of the study indicated that majority of the participants held misconceptions concerning fundamental science concepts, they generally felt confident about teaching it...
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