Effective feature reduction for link prediction in location-based social networks

Bayrak, Ahmet Engin
Polat, Faruk
In this study, we investigated feature-based approaches for improving the link prediction performance for location-based social networks (LBSNs) and analysed their performances. We developed new features based on time, common friend detail and place category information of check-in data in order to make use of information in the data which cannot be utilised by the existing features from the literature. We proposed a feature selection method to determine a feature subset that enhances the prediction performance with the removal of redundant features by clustering them. After clustering features, a genetic algorithm is used to determine the ones to select from each cluster. A non-monotonic and feasible feature selection is ensured by the proposed genetic algorithm. Results depict that both new features and the proposed feature selection method improved link prediction performance for LBSNs.

Citation Formats
A. E. Bayrak and F. Polat, “Effective feature reduction for link prediction in location-based social networks,” JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE, vol. 45, no. 5, pp. 676–690, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/41892.