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The relationship between greenery and self-regulation of children: The mediation role of nature connectedness

This study aimed to investigate the relationship between greenery around children's homes and their self-regulation skills through the mediator role of nature connectedness. The moderator role of perceptual sensitivity in the relationship between greenery and nature connectedness was also examined. Two hundred and ninety-nine children aged between 8 and 11 years old and their mothers participated in the study. The results indicated that the relationship between greenery and emotional and cognitive regulation was mediated by nature connectedness. However, nature connectedness did not mediate the relationship between greenery and behavioral regulation. The results also revealed that children's perceptual sensitivity was positively associated with nature connectedness. However, the mediation was not moderated by perceptual sensitivity, which means the indirect effect of greenery on emotional and cognitive regulation through nature connectedness did not depend on perceptual sensitivity.