Adopting sustainability assessment criteria to guide urban regeneraton projects: two case studies in Ankara

Seyhan, Zeynep.
Increasing awareness of climate change, loss of biodiversity and increase in environmental pollution due to the current trends of consumption in the urban areas have brought about a myriad of schemas to guide environmentally friendly urban developments. These schemes or Neighborhood Sustainability Assessment Tools (NSA Tools) provide a convenient way to establish healthier and sustainable cities. Meanwhile, Turkey is going through a rapid urban transformation process that is being questioned with respect to the urban quality they create. To this end, NSA tools can also be used as a guide for the transformation of urban environments in order to create sustainable cities. The aim of this research is to investigate the capabilities of the NSA Tools to guide the transformation of sustainable built environments in the urban regeneration projects, at the neighborhood scale, in Turkey. Three assessment tools have been chosen to investigate their capability; namely, LEED ND, BREEAM COMM and CASBEE UD. The problems and deficiencies of newly regenerated built environments were determined through case studies and the literature review. The performances of selected NSA tools has been evaluated by comparing their level of responsiveness to the determined problems. Thereafter, the usability and appropriateness of the NSA tools to answer urban transformation issues in Turkey were investigated and possible solutions derived from the criteria of the rating tools as well published sources were gathered. Lastly, these solutions were summarized under thirteen categories to produce a final framework, in the form of a problemsolution chart, to be used as a guide for future urban regeneration projects.
Citation Formats
Z. Seyhan, “Adopting sustainability assessment criteria to guide urban regeneraton projects: two case studies in Ankara,” Thesis (M.Arch.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Architecture., Middle East Technical University, 2019.