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A Post-use evaluation of an EFL coursebook from the perspectives of preparatory school students and instructors: a mixed methods study

Öz, Özlem
The purpose of this convergent parallel mixed methods design study was to conduct a post-use evaluation of the coursebook New Language Leader Intermediate from the perspectives of students and instructors at a language preparatory school of a public university in Turkey. 202 students provided quantitative data about various aspects of the coursebook through a researcher-developed survey which also contained open-ended questions about the coursebook. 20 instructors completed the instructors’ version of the same instrument which had some additional sections. The instructors’ survey also had some open-ended questions which were used to collect qualitative data. In addition to the survey instrument, semi-structured interview protocols were utilized with students and instructors. Qualitative data were collected to find out what strengths and weaknesses participants attribute to the coursebook and what recommendations they make to increase the effectiveness of the coursebook. The quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed separately, and the combined results were interpreted in the discussion chapter.