From rapidly growing global cities towards slowing down: citta slow- Akyaka case

Gözübol, Hilal.
Rapid globalization has changed the city life drastically which resulted in searching for alternative city planning in the world. "Speed" concept began to be remembered side by side with people harming their surroundings and their standard of living. People are constantly seeking sustainable cities in an unending race to consume things fast. Their cultural values, social relationships with each others are under treat of vanishing. Henceforth, slow movement action has been taken immediately not to lose values before it is too late. This thesis study examines the slow movement concept in Akyaka from the “being a neighbourhood” perspective. Akyaka has been downgraded from municipality status after alteration in Metropolitan Municipality Law No.6360 which was legislated in 2012 and implemented after the 2014 local elections. This process was the following of accreditation by the International Council as Slow City. The thesis also pays attention to Akyaka as being a slow city in 2011 and how it became a neighbourhood after 2014 local elections and how does this situation affect its slow city brand with regards to branding, marketing, political relations, local people aspects and tourism. The actions taken by the central government and its’ approaches to the local movements in Gökova region through Akyaka case has been taken over. The effects of the ongoing decision-making processes and participation of local people are emphasized. Finally, some recommendations were made for the sustainability of slow cities and efforts made to actualize the branding in the regions and country-wide to support “Slowness” against “Speed”.
Citation Formats
H. Gözübol, “From rapidly growing global cities towards slowing down: citta slow- Akyaka case,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments., Middle East Technical University, 2019.