Optimum short-range coordination of hydrothermal power generation by dynamic programming.

Arikan, Yıldız


Optimum design of multipole synchronous generators.
Akpınar, Eyüp; Department of Electrical Engineering (1984)
Optimum topological design of geometrically nonlinear single layer lamella domes using harmony search method
Çarbaş, Serdar; Saka, Mehmet Polat; Department of Engineering Sciences (2008)
Harmony search method based optimum topology design algorithm is presented for single layer lamella domes. The harmony search method is a numerical optimization technique developed recently that imitates the musical performance process which takes place when a musician searches for a better state of harmony. Jazz improvisation seeks to find musically pleasing harmony similar to the optimum design process which seeks to find the optimum solution. The optimum design algorithm developed imposes the behavioral ...
Optimum design of double-layer grid systems: comparison with current design practice using real-life industrial applications
Aydıncılar, Yılmaz; Hasançebi, Oğuzhan; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
Double-layer grid systems are three-dimensional pin-jointed structures, which are generally used for covering roofs having large spans. In this study, evolution strategies method is used to optimize space trusses. Evolution strategies method is a type of evolutionary algorithms, which simulate biological evolution and natural selection phenomenon to find the best solution for an optimization problem. In this method, an initial population is formed by various solutions of design problem. Then this initial po...
Optimum topology design of various geometrically nonlinear latticed domes using improved harmony search method
Carbas, Serdar; Saka, Mehmet P. (2012-03-01)
Domes are elegant and economical structures used in covering large areas. They are built in various forms. According to their form, they are given special names such as lamella, network, and geodesic domes. In this paper, optimum topological design algorithm is presented that determines the optimum number of rings, the optimum height of crown and tubular section designations for the member groups of these domes. The design algorithm developed has a routine that generates the data required for the geometry o...
Optimum topological design of geometrically nonlinear single layer latticed domes using coupled genetic algorithm
Saka, M. P. (2007-11-01)
Single layer latticed domes are lightweight and elegant structures that provide cost-effective solutions to cover the large areas without intermediate supports. The topological design of these structures present difficulty due to the fact that the number of joints and members as well as the height of the dome keeps on changing during the design process. This makes it necessary to automate the numbering of joints and members and the computation of the coordinates of joints in the dome. On the other hand the ...
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Y. Arikan, “Optimum short-range coordination of hydrothermal power generation by dynamic programming.,” Middle East Technical University, 1968.