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Development of a decision support system for employee scheduling problem in hospitality sector: a case study in a Turkish firm

Ünsal, Emre Ber
Employee scheduling problems arise in many environments where a group of employees works together. This study deals with the employee scheduling problem in hospitality sector where the employees are supposed to greet and communicate with the guests in the events. The content of the problem is assigning different skilled employees to the events which have different complexity and difficulty levels. We propose a solution method which aims to create better employee schedules in terms of cost and quality of the service. Moreover, the proposed solution method takes workload balance among employees into consideration. Sensitivity analysis is conducted and it is observed that the results of the proposed method are robust against small changes in the input parameters. This study focuses of establishment of a decision support system for a Turkish firm in hospitality sector. Specifically, a v user-friendly Microsoft Excel-based decision support system is designed to help the decision maker in composing the employee schedules. The details of the decision support system into which the mixed integer programming models are integrated are provided