Sustainability in architectural education: the impact of education on perceptions of sustainability

Çalıkuşu, Ayça Nilüfe
In recent years, the concept of sustainability has come to the forefront in many areas. The relationship between education and sustainability needs to be examined to understand the broad meaning of the sustainability concept. Architectural education has an important role in understanding sustainability issues and increasing the sustainability awareness of students. Therefore, this study focuses on educational needs for the adoption of sustainability in the architecture. In the study, the design studio education in architecture programs has been investigated in the context of sustainability. Due to limited studies on education for sustainable development, this study aims to contribute to the literature on sustainability in architectural education. The center of the study is the role of design studios in sustainability in architectural education. The overall aim is to examine the impact of design studio education on sustainability perceptions of architecture students. The case studies of this thesis are Middle East Technical University (METU) and Politecnico di Torino (Polito). Information about architectural education, design studio programs and sustainability courses in the curricula was collected from case universities. For the quantitative and qualitative data in the study, a survey study with architecture students and interviews with lecturers were carried out at METU and Polito. With the analysis of data, it was investigated whether the design studio education affects the sustainability understanding of the architecture students. This study highlights the importance of architectural studio education in the development of knowledge, skills, and awareness in sustainability research. In other words, the role of architectural design education in this field is clarified for sustainability in higher education institutions.


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A. N. Çalıkuşu, “Sustainability in architectural education: the impact of education on perceptions of sustainability,” Thesis (M.Arch.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Architecture., Middle East Technical University, 2019.