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Modeling, simulation, and control of a quadrotor having a 2-dof robotic arm

Bulut, Neb
In this thesis, modeling, simulation, and control of a combined system that consists of a quadrotor and a 2-DOF robotic serial manipulator are presented. Firstly, the kinematic and dynamic model of the combined system are obtained. Then, the equation of motion of the combined system is derived by using Lagrange-D’Alembert formulation. Based on these equations, control algorithms are developed to control the combined system. Firstly, the cascaded PID controllers are designed by using the linearized decoupled equations of motion. Then, this controller is tested with the ideal dc and servo motor models with highly nonlinear combined system models. Secondly, the feedback linearizing controller is designed by using the nonlinear equations of motion of the system that is in the form of a standard robot dynamics equation. Then, to avoid instability of the system that can be caused by the unmodeled dynamics, parameter variations, and external disturbances, and to estimate these uncertainties, an extended state observer is added to the feedback linearizing controller. Later, the feedback linearizing controller and the extended state observer based the feedback linearizing controller is tested with the nonideal dc and servo motor models with the nonlinear combined system model. All proposed algorithms and the nonlinear combined system model are coded in MATLAB/Simulink environment. Finally, these control algorithms are validated with a simulation case study, and their performances are compared.