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Preschool teachers‟ beliefs and practices related to the processes of field trips

Sevinç, Eda
This study aimed to investigate the preschool teachers‟ beliefs, self-reported and actual practices related to field trip activities in early childhood education. More specifically, the current study examined self-reports and observable practices of preschool teachers regarding planning, implementation and evaluation process of field trip activities. 20 participants from both public and private kindergarten in Ankara were interviewed related to their beliefs and self-reported practices about field trips. In addition, 6 of the participants were observed during field trip activities including pre and post-trip activities. To investigate preschool beliefs and selfreported practices, a semi-structured interview and an observation form were developed by the researcher. The finding of the study revealed that preschool teachers believe the importance of field trip activities, the necessity of these activities in early childhood education and the significance of conducting pre and post-trip activities. Besides, their self-reports showed that teachers make detailed field trip plan, conduct pre-trip and post-trip activities. However, actual practices of preschool teachers contradict their self-reports in some points. Although they followed the necessary steps for a successful field trip activity, they did not pay sufficient attention to reinforce children learning by conducting pre and post-trip activities. This study includes some recommendation for teachers to include these activities in their program and carry out the process with all necessities to provide maximum benefits for children.