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Design and development of fiber optic MEMS microphone measurement system

Karaca, Ekin Muharrem
In this thesis, fiber optic MEMS microphone measurement system is designed and demonstrated. The displacement of the sensing element of the fiber optic microphone, the membrane, together with the optical components are 3-D modeled and simulated by means of finite element methods. The parameters of the optical system under different measurement conditions are optimized according to the simulation results. Based on the simulation results, the measurement system setup is designed, constructed and functionalized. The optical components of the system are chosen such that the overall system is compatible to high quality detection of the displacement of the membrane. The simulation results and experimental data are demonstrated to validate the operation of the measurement system. The system is demonstrated with optical components and the membrane, and characteristics of the fiber optic microphone are obtained. The results and observations related to the overall system are presented.