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Investigating the morphological aspects of public spaces: the case of Atakum coastal promenade in Samsun

Er, Volkan.
The concept of public space is quite extensive topic. It is frequently discussed in urban planning and urban design. This research primarily investigates the concept of publicness of public spaces. In addition, comprehensive analysis studies indicate what are the urban elements that determine and limit this publicness. First, it basically describes what public space is, what roles it has and what kind of stages of change it has undergone. Moreover, by examining the differences between the concepts of space and publicness and their relations with each other, it examines the phenomenon of public space within the framework of urban design theory. For this reason, this study has been carried out mainly on the relationship between urban morphology and public spaces. Six urban morphological criteria are determined to investigate the publicness of public space different parts of the coastal road by considering the spatial characteristics of Atakum Coastal Road. With these basic variables, the publicness of public spaces at different focal points within the study area is investigated and a new model is developed and the findings are visualized. As a case study, the western urban development corridor of Samsun, Atakum Coastal Road, investigates the publicness of public spaces on the basis of determined morphological variables. This study examines the publicness of the three different characteristics public spaces of the Atakum Coastal Road. It also determines the publicness levels, problems and vi potentials of these regions. Finally, as a result of this study, this thesis will provide a basis for increasing the publicity of the different public spaces of Atakum Coastal Road, and it will include suggestions at the level of policy and practical spatial arrangements for the design of public spaces.