Investigation of mechanical vibrations of double-double cardan shaft and effects on suspension system in armored vehicles

Işık, Özgen
Cardan joint is used for transmitting angular motion with angled connection. The more misalignment angle is implemented, the more fluctuation occurs in output shaft in terms of twist angle and angular velocity. To present fluctuations in output shaft, two different types of solution methods are proposed, which are ode23s and Newmark’s method. Due to transmission ratio relationship of cardan joint, there occurs nonlinearity in equations of motions. Therefore, proposed methods include solutions for nonlinear two degree of ordinary differential equations. In order to avoid fluctuation, Z- and W- configurations can be used. Although Z- and W- configurations prevent fluctuations in output shaft, misalignment angle can be increased only up to . By using Newmark’s and ode23s methods, twist angles and angular velocities for input, intermediate and output shafts are established. Besides, changing variables which are misalignment angle, stiffness, inertia and damping are also included in this study. For the applications which require more misalignment angle and transmitting torque and angular velocity without energy loss, double-double cardan shaft can be used. Although double-double cardan shaft system provides misalignment angle up to 47 it is not a cost effective solution. As an alternative solution, single-double establishment is also included in thesis. Twist vi angle and angular velocity comparisons of single, double-double and single-double cardan shaft are presented. Depending on the characteristics of input, intermediate and output shafts, single-double might be preferred by considering vibration levels thanks to low cost.


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Ö. Işık, “Investigation of mechanical vibrations of double-double cardan shaft and effects on suspension system in armored vehicles,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Mechanical Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2019.