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Evaluation of a motion based 3D virtual sports platform in the scope of technology acceptance model

İlhan, Fatih
In this study, a recently developed 3D Virtual Sports Platform (VSP) using Kinect motion detection technology, which allows the individual to exercise in the home environment, is evaluated in the scope of technology acceptance model; in terms of the perceptions of students using it, and the views of preservice coaches, and experts. Participants of the study consisted of 22 users, who were students at the Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Department; 8 preservice coaches who were students at the Sports Sciences Faculty; and two experts, who are academics at the Sports Sciences Faculty, in Kırıkkale University. Basic qualitative research method was implemented throughout the study. Data collection was held separately with each group of participants through semi-structured interviews. According to the results of this study, the VSP has some effects that are perceived to be useful in physical, affective and productivity manners by the participants. VSP is mostly perceived to be easy to use, companied with some design and technical drawbacks. In addition, participants provide suggestions for further improvements, which shall aid designers with the development of similar systems. Thus, this study contributes to the literature of designing, developing, and evaluation of similar instructional technologies in physical education or personal exercise in general. Also providing feedback for further improvement of this tool, suggestions for future studies, and implications for practice.