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Publication trends of researchers in Turkey in web of science education and educational research subject field: a descriptive trend analysis

Tür, Nurcan
The main aim of this research was to employ bibliometric analysis methods to understand the general trends of peer-reviewed educational articles indexed under the subject areas of “education and educational research” Web of Science bibliometric databases that is the first and well-known bibliometric databases, between 1968 and 2015. This study analyzed a total of 10,729 documents 6,644 of which were articles based on the journal of publication, author institutional affiliation, and co-author collaboration. The current research applied a modified version of the method used by Zancanaro, Todesco, and Ramos (2015). This method has two main steps: (1) Collecting, filtering, and data standardization (2) Data analysis and synthesis The results showed that when looking at the annual distribution of the published articles, incentive programs have been shown to be helpful as a means to improving the volume of articles. In summary, 50% of the articles originated from 15 universities v and the majority of published journals have an impact value below 1,00. Of the 10% articles were based on authors having collaborated with a researcher whose affiliate address is located outside of Turkey. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Germany were the countries most collaborated with by Turkish academics in their educational research.